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FilmiLog is a mission to make
meaningful cinema with limited resources

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FilmiLog is a mission to make meaningful cinema with limited resources
We know that filmmaking is more expensive day by day. The reason is the high fees of stars and some unnecessary expenses. Cinema is more commercial these days. Everybody is in the rat race of making money. The real cinema which gives a direction to society is missing. There is some filmmaker who wants to make meaningful cinema but they are not getting the right platform.
Our first target is to encourage the filmmaker to make good cinema.
Secondly, we make meaningful cinema in low budget with the new artist, who has potential but not able to get a chance to prove himself in the present scenario of the film industry.
Third, we start some new unconventional earning stream where you can earn with your creative work.
We already started a YouTube channel for new filmmakers, FILMILOG, where you get the tips or learn filmmaking.

Film Script Bank

It’s For Writers

Writers are the backbone of the film industry. Every film starts with a story. Without the script, nobody is able to make a film. So, there is a need for writers to make a good film and you need the filmmaker to sell the script. Every writer is not able to reach the producers due to distance or other some reason. So, many good scripts not seen the light of cinema.

Keep this scenario in mind, we starts FILM SCRIPTS BANK. This is a free membership platform and only members upload or see the synopsis or song. Here you upload the synopsis of your script and producers/filmmakers read that and contact to get the rights to make a movie on it. That will work online and offline as we also contact the filmmakers to sell the script. Once you upload the synopsis/song, that will remain online until we sell it.

Members will also get the article, tutorials, and video to enhance or learn the skill of writing. This will update you to the industry standard as these uploads regularly. We are in the process to start monthly contest for the writers.



It’s For Filmmakers too

As a filmmaker, you always thirsty for the good script. You meet so many writers before starting the new film to get the perfect story. This is very time taking and expensive process. A good script is the backbone of the movie. When a good script comes in the good hands than only good cinema comes in the light. Here, good filmmakers meet good writers.

You know that which genre you like most, which language you want to make the movie and most important what is your budget. Now it’s very easy for you to read the synopsis, which is genre and language wise categories. Also as per your convenient as everything is online and transparent. And of course, you got many choices to keep your budget tight. You just read, finalize the script and get the rights of the script for making a good movie. That’s it.

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