Blind Experiment

Blind Experiment

Action, Adventure, Thriller


One stupid experiment done by the robert not only caused his wife and child life but also many others lives.


This story is based on the blind experiment done by a scientist name Robert. He is a manic superstitious person. He was working in a laboratory. But due to his stupidity he got fired from his job. Because he often talk about superstitious to the other. Other laboratory members realised that he’s a manic person and it can be danger to the lifes of people. Because he considers he can save people’s life using animals DNA to human body cells. Because his wife was pregnant and sick. Doctors has given up. They said we can’t save your wife. Only one can be saved either its a child or wife. But Robert want both to be saved. Robert forced the Docters to do something. None of them come forward to help the robert. Robert take his wife and leaves the city. At the time of leaving he stole some chemicals from the laboratory.

Robert heading to the hill side but didn’t knew where is he going. So no one can bother him to do his experiment. But in the middle way weather goes worst. It’s suddenly start raining so fast and leaves robert no choice to find the shelter. Robert found the village near the forest at the hill side. He Decided to stay there till the weather go clear. When he reach there old man appears front of his van and said Who are you? What are you doing here? Robert said look i need some shelter. Rain is so fast and my wife is pregnant. Please give us some shelter we won’t bother you. Old man and villegers aggreed to gives the shelter.

Next day weather is almost clear. Robert goes out for a walk. He notice that there a lot of animals in barn. He stops at the side of the barn to look the animals amd start thinking blindly that he can use these animals blood for his experiment. Old man comes to meet the robert and his wife. He tried to check the peep inside the van but robert appeared suddenly. Ask the old man nothing is inside. Robert ask let me stay for some more time.

At the night time robert comes out and looks around if anybody is out there. He see no one is out there. And went to take a blood sample of the animals. He walk so lightly so no one can hear the footstep. When he enter the animal section there was a cow sleeping outside the barn and robert decided to take the sample of the cows first. When he get near the cow. Cow start feeling uncomfortable and start making noise. Didn’t let the robert to get close to her. Robert get angry. So he decided to kill the cow. There was a big size hammer hanging at the side of the barn. He grabs the hammer and strike the cow on her head. Cow scream with the pain and falls on the ground. Robert wasted no time and suck the blood out of cow with injection and run quikly. The old man comes and saw someone’s running he thought it was a robert but he had no clue to prove it.

Next day old man said to the villegers to keep their eyes on robert. He is suspicious. At the night time robert comes out for another sample but unfortunately he got caught this time. Villgers start beating him for killing their animals. Old man wanted to know why he’s killing our animals. Robert said he need animals blood to save my wife life. Old man slapped him and said you think you can save your wife with animals blood. You are a manic. Get out of our village. I’m literally regretting that letting you stay here.

In the next morning robert tried to threaten the villagers with gun point. But he failed. Again Robert got no choice to leave the village. He put his wife in van and leaves immediately. After leaving the village robert didn’t get any further because he got out of fuel. He turns his van inside the forest and stops. Again he stucked he searched the area and found the cave. He decided to stay in the cave because it’s the only place where no one can bother him. Cave is full of bats. Later he take out his stuff from the van and and hide his van behind the leaves and bushes.

He start killing the bats and collecting blood sample. He capture some bats alive for experiment. And mix their DNA with chemicals. He just keep mixing high level of blood with chemicals. He don’t have any machine to check the samples and decided to give a sample test to his wife. Wife tried to stop him but he didn’t listened to her. And gives injection to her. His wife felt wierd and start behaving strange. Robert checked her pulse. He gave a high dose injection to her. But after this she didn’t respond and passed out. After this stupidity it changes her life into disastrous. Later robert was sleeping and chemicals start reacting. Robert heard wierd voice and awake when he look back he shooked. She’s changing and killed the robert instantly. It takes months to completely to transform and giving birth to devils child.

Villgers were living a very peaceful life before roberts appearance. But after one year later roberts wife means now a devil fully transformed. Becomes the half human and half animal. And start haunting the villgers. She start attacking the villegers and abduction thier children’s one by one. Many villegers tried to kill that devil but they didn’t knew what is that thing and where it comes from. Never returned back to village alive.

Old man heard that there’s a army base camp around 40km away from here. Old man visit the army camp to seek help. Old man talked to the general about that terrifying animal is attacking us. We tried to kill that animal but lost many lives. Our children’s being abducted by that animal. That animal appear only at night and caused to much damage to our houses and lives. General agreed to provide help to the villagers. General send a team of soldiers to village. Soldiers setup the trap for devil. At the night time village got attacked. Soldiers attempted to kill that devil but bullets didn’t effects on her one by one around 7 soldiers lost their lives.

Next day soldier talked with general and told everything what happened. General get shocked hearing this losing 7 soldiers at the same night. Soldier ask to send another team. But again unluckily both teams lost their lives. General didn’t understand what is happening? What is that animal? General getting worried about the villagers. And decided to call his very brave soldier kabir.

General send a letter to kabir. Who is living in Mumbai with his wife Sangeeta and two kids. Rohan and Priya. Kabir staying with his family two years ago. In his last mission he got shot two times. But luckily survived. Doctors suggested him to take a break. After two years later general requested kabir to come. Kabir talked to general via phonecall and aggreed to resume his duty.

Next day kabir meet the general in his office. General tells everything about the village incident. General introduce kabir to the Dr.kate who is army doctor and the laboratory expert and also take the analysis of dead bodies. Dr.kate show all the photographs of dead bodies to kabir and general which is hardy to explain the marks on the bodies. Kate said i need more clues. General send both kabir and dr.kate to village.

After getting into the village kabir notice the condition of the villagers and their houses. Dr.kate look around and said there’s no children’s in the village except that one little girl holding a ripped doll. Kabir asked the soldiers to setup the bunkers and electric wires around the village. We go out for hunting after setup. After setup kabir went for hunting, they found the cave in the forest but unluckily got attacked by a giant bear. One of the soldier got injured. Soldiers killed the bear and bring it to the village to confirm that is he the responsible for all this trouble. Villagers said no.

At the night time kabir sitting outside with soldiers. Dr.kate said to kabir ajay is calling you. Soldier who got injured by the bear. While they were talking suddenly warning siren hit. Kabir comes out and look the soldier lying on the ground dead. Devil come back for the little girl sia because she’s the only one left in the village. Soldiers see the devil on the roof of the house and start shooting. Sia came out of her house and run towards the river. Devil capture her instantly. Kabir run to the forest to save sia but devil killed the soldiers one by one. Ahmed was lying on the ground. Kabir tried to save the ahmed but Ahmed said look back. When kabir look back he get scared, devil was standing there looking at kabir angerly.

In the next morning it’s raining kabir was sitting side of the stone with disappointment. Kabir went to the army base camp to meet general but when he reached there he saw they got attacked. Many soldiers lying on the ground, cars are on fire. Kabir rushed to the office and he see’s general is lying under the devil’s feet. Kabir tried to hit devil with rod but devil hit Kabir so hard that he falls out through the window and landed on the cars roof and passed out.

Next day kabir asked the soldiers now we have no choice to go inside the cave and kill that devil. Kabir went to the forest when they goes inside they found roberts dead body. Which is completely rotten and melted. And found his identity card and some notes. They also found some samples of chemicals. But they didn’t found roberts wife. Kabir show the Identity card to the old man asked do you know him. Then old man tells all the story about the robert and his wife. His appearance caused trouble for us. He was a manic superstitious person. We kicked him out of the village. After that he didn’t return back.

Dr.kate explain all about those chemicals and tells that devil is actually Roberts wife. Robert gave her high dose of chemicals. which goes completely wrong. And she was a pregnant now she’s has given birth to devils child. That is why she abducted the villagers children’s to feed their child. Kabir said bullets didn’t harm her. We need archers. Bow with explosive arrow heads and sharp knifes.

At the mid night time kabir with kate and soldiers went to forest. After entering the cave they didn’t found devil inside the cave but they found which is completely unexpected. They found not only one egg of the devils child. They found hundreds of eggs. They were shining in purple and also found villagers children’s hanging above the ground. Kabir said first save children’s then we destroy all the eggs. After removing childrens kabir set all the eggs on fire and leaves the cave.

After returning back kabir hand over the children’s to the villagers and said get out of here. On the other side when devil see everything is destroyed she gets angry and head towards the village. Devil attack the sia’s father and sia falls on the ground kabir tried to distract the devil but devil again hit kabir so hard. Kate tried to block devil to get near to the sia but devil pierce her tail through the kate chest. And lift her in the air. Kabir sees the kate in the air and shoot at devil with explosive arrow. Devil falls and got injured. Devil run to the forest.

Kabir followed the devil and tried to hit one more arrow but devil jumped on him tried to kill kabir with their claws. Kabir managed to avoid that attempt. And hit her one more arrow. Devil got stunned. Kabir tried one more but again devil jumped on him both falls from the mountain to the ground. But unluckily for devil her wing got stuck in the broken tree part. Kabir wasted no time and hit her with two explosive arrows together. Which destroyed the devil into pieces. Kabir falls on the ground and passed out.

Next day kabir wakes up in the hospital. His wife and children’s sitting besides him. Old man comes and thank the kabir for saving our children’s life. Although the children’s got defected by weakness and starvation. But they are out of danger. Kabir was granted award for his bravery. This mission caused so many soldiers life.


Gagan Deep Singh

SWA – 40313


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