Aaj Ki Adalat
Court of Today
Written By V. H. Patel
An Indian legal procedure in court is so lengthy, that it
takes many years to get justice in normal cases, So innocent person
getting judgment after 20-25 years. Nobody get justice in real. On the
other hand the criminal get advantage of the defaulted system and
enjoy whole life. Viewing this facts, two friends get idea to dissolve
cases out of court urgently. So they establish “Samadhan Manch” –
The compromise The Manch don’t charge fees, but runs by
Samadhan Manch contacts courts, gets detail of cases
pending from 10 years and above. The Manch contacts both parties
personally and hear both parties and request for compromise. If both
parties are near to compromise, they are called in court Samadhan
In Samadhan Manch there are two parts 1. Court of Santi
Prasad and 2. Court of Danda Prasad out of two friends one is named
Ram he believes in the result of persuasion and peaceful way. The
other named Shyam believes in way “Tit For Tat” “Lato ke Bhut Bato
Se Nahi Mante” Shyam handles the court of Danda Prasad.
So many response are received by Samadhan Manch in
both ways, lot of cases are closed by compromise. So court get
relief. The Govt. also appreciate this service and give encouragement
by way of grant and also protection when needed.
In the Samadhan Manch, cases of following subject are
1. Land related problems, like title, possession etc.
2. Marriage related : Divorce problem, Dowry, Property problem etc.
3. Murder cases : Murder or attempted murder etc.
4. Money Matters : Cheque returns, Payment collection, Cheating by
investment companies etc.
Ego of two parties in cases and advocates of both
parties don’t allow compromise and they suffer from long way of
suffering and expenses. But “Manch” gives best opportunities of
compromise without including advocates ad without hurting ego
of parties.
So people get very happy from being relived from the
courts and advocates. They voluntary donate to the Manch.
This way the Manch serve the society. Both friends get
very satisfied and happy by helping people by this unique idea.
Purpose :-
By making such film, some people may go to way of
compromise and be happy and also make happy.
By this way the film can serve society.
– End –
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