Akhri Satya
The Ultimate Truth
Written By V. H. Patel (Regd. No. 38827 with SWA)

When person becomes very unhappy having all things
and incidences against his wishes, he thinks of lot of things. He
thinks who created World, Why, Whom am I ?, What should I do in
this world ? Why the world is so unhappy ? etc. He thinks is there
any way to get permanent happiness ? By this questions the Hero of
the film starts journey of seeking the ultimate truth. After so many
steps of spiritual journey, he gets success. He gets all questions
answered in himself. He becomes happy and cheerful. Now he can’t
remain without sharing his happiness. He teaches people the ways of
happiness out of sorroness. The spiritual way is the only way to get
the ultimate truth of this existence.
Harilal is an honest farmer in a village having 4 sons. All
sons are brilliant in study. Harilal decide to go in city for education.
He went in a city and started a small business with help of
borrowings. After some years, Harilal’s son get educated, but he
failing in business, had burden of debt so his family suffered much
difficulties. His son Vikram is very unhappy and thinks how to get rid
of debt. He thinks who created world ? Why ? what is the role he
should do ? why the world is so unhappy ? He started journey to get
answer of such questions.
Vikram reads lot of spiritual books in library. He gets
knowledge but not inner peace. He goes to a saint in temple, where
Swami Keshanand is there. He asked to Swami, who created world ?
Why ? who are we and why ? Keshanand answer that he doesn’t
have experience in real. But he says according to Shashtras God
created the world and he comes as avtar some times. Vikram
questioned who created God ? Keshanand tells he could not find
this, even I got old, so please go somewhere.
Vikram goes to a priest Alfred Vergis, he asked all
questions. Priest says God is who created world. Love is his gift. So
love to all. Serve all people who are poor and unhealthy, needy
persons, so take this book Bible of Isha Masih, the only son of God.
Vikram goes to Ikbalbhai Maulvi and asked all questions
Maulvi tried to solve the questions. He said every thing is written in
Kurane Sharif by only messenger of God Mohammad Paygamber.
God is one and one only. Peace is the message of Muslims religion.
We should help poor without interest, we should have Namaz 5 times
a day, we should fast in Ramzan months etc.
Vikram goes to Gurudwara and meets a Shikh Saint Ram
Raheman and asks questions. He told about Guru Govind Singh’s
Shikh Religion. He told to pray Ganth of Guru, give food to poor, do
bhajan etc.
Vikram goes to a saint named “Mota Swami” of one of
Hindu sub religion, and asked questions. Swami said, God is so
mercy and loving to all. Vikram asked if God is mercy then why so
much cruelty and battles between nations are there? Why
earthquakes happen frequently. Saint explains that it is due to sins of
people. Vikram not fully satisfied. Thanks Swami and go ahead.
Vikram goes Anand Ashram, looking modern. He sees
deciples of all religions, like Hindu, Muslim, Shikh, Islam, etc. All are
loving and dancing and smiling faces. Vikram get surprised and
delighted and wished to meet Guru of Anand Asharam Bhagwan Shri
Lovenees. He could not meet Bhagwan Shri Lovenees as he does
not meet personally. He gives discourse in evening every day. He has
made main 5 system of meditation with help of music. Vikram stays
in Asram for 2 years being deciple and asked all questions
satisfactorily. Vikram joins all meditations in his heart, becomes
loving to all.
Vikram experience the ultimate truth of universe. He
experienced that God is infinite can not be understood by worlds, but
by being God only. No need to leave the world for God.
Vikram now shares his happiness to people.He started a
“Dhyan Rath” and goes to village to village. He spreads the message
of love, dance and meditation. People respond much to Vikram as
they get happiness and joy in life.
– End –
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