Angela” a dark phase

Fantasy and passion isn’t that thing to get success you must have to understand the real meaning of failure. Like this she also suffer from many rejection, criticism, abused my her own family although all this things she stands for what she actual wants to and now in the age of 28 she became a fashion designer. She has her own house which she converted into a old-age home. In the journey of life she was only search of love, now she get from hundreds of old parents. Many girls follow her whole life in search of true love in a boy that is not only way to get love, help old peoples and orphan kids then you find the real meaning of love & blessed. Angela her name she has now a big designing office and other factories of juices she handle herself, a journey of being a successful business woman is not easy for her there is no support of anyone neither her family she establish herself. In the age of 7 month her father died and her mother also left then she grown up with her grandparents and big parents which they have a son. Money change the character of many people although they are rich enough but they always abuse her to do household work. Because of a girl and a orphan she had faced a lot of problems. When the age of 23 her boyfriend also cheat her. Neither she had enough money nor any support but she built her own empire. This not easy for anyone but a hunger of being something teaches you alot. Likewise you have to go deep inside to achieve success. This is not a full story if you have any interest then reply me I will mail you the whole story of struggling period of Angela. Thank you 🙂

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