1. Wasim Raja (Male Lead)
2. Mirza Raja (Father Of Male Lead)
3. Ayesha Raja (Sister of Male Lead)
4. Meera Raja (Mother of Male Lead)
5. Arjun Rana (Father of Female lead)
6. Meenakshi Rana (Mother of Female Lead)
7. Jasmine Rana (Female Lead)
8. Prince Rana (Brother of Female lead)
9. KaranVeer (Lover Of Female Lead)
 It’s a story of love, Hate and Revenge. Its start with the introduction of Main Character’s.(Raja’s) Wasim And Ayesha Racing,(Rana’s)Jasmine and Prince Enjoying party and their families. And one more character KaranVeer the villain of the story.
 Rana’s drug deal information is leaked by KaranVeer to police and Jasmine and Prince managed to stop police and their drug truck moved freely.
 Raja’s Gold taxi was hijacked by KaranVeer and Wasim And Ayesha get it back.
 Raja’s received a deal of €100 billions. They taken loan against property to complete deal.
 Wasim seen Jasmine in Restaurant and fall in love with her.
 Wasim and Jasmine meeting in Shopping mall. Just intro.
 Their meeting in street. Then in RAJA”S café . Then in Park Wasim proposed her and she accepted the proposal. The love song. Then their another meeting in street.

 The deal Day. Prince and jasmine interrupted Wasim and after a fight Wasim is injured and catch by guards. Then Jasmine gets out of car Ayesha with her as kidnapped. But again Wasim changed game and taken gun from ground and jasmine and killed guards and Prince also killing guards actually he is Wasim bodyguard. Now Wasim taken gold and leaves Jasmine there and went towards southern London.
 Jasmine can’t let him go, when real Prince reached there they seats in car and start chasing them. They finds them in whole two route but didn’t find then prince remember that they might gone from underground route. They finally lose the game. And returning to home.

 Wasim and Ayesha also returning home after delivering gold at southern London.
 Then Jasmine can’t remove Wasim from his mind and finally she now fall in love with him.
 She try to contact Wasim but he doesn’t want to meet him. Then She tried hardly to Convince Wasim and finally she did it. Now they are lover they both love each other.
 They enjoying the drive and stopped at edge of sea and Suddenly Jasmine received a call of KaranVeer that Arjun is killed by Wasim Gang.
 She puts up gun and shouted Wasim .He fall in sea. He is dead.
 Ayesha call Prince to know that why Jasmine killed Wasim and she got to know that Arjun is killed by Wasim gang. Which is not true. Ayesha Investigated and finally reached Arjun office and Hack CCTV footage and know that Arjun is kidnapped by KaranVeer Gang.
 Ayesha send the video to Prince and he shown it to Jasmine also. Now they both going to save their father. They reaches there and Karanveer was there. They start fighting but KV gets them as he shown Arjun kidnapped by him. They both left their weapons and surrenders and Now they all are roped by KV guards.
 Now entry of Wasim (actually he is saved by British Navy Officer’s, After getting back breath he went to his home where he got to know that Arjun is kidnapped by karanveer and tells he tells JASMINE that he is killed by Wasim gang and that why she killed him, then he leave home and travelling to KaranVeer Warehouse with Ayesha). Ayesha cuts the rope roped to Jasmine, Prince and Arjun. Now a final Fight.
 Karanveer After Knowing that he is definitely going to be killed he Seat in car and escaped from there in car. Wasim also chasing him, now there fight with car, they firing each other from inside car’s, Wasim hit a bullet on his car’s tyre and his car got upside down and then Wasim hit another bullet to him and killed him.
 Then Marriage of Jasmine and Wasim in church. HAPPY ENDING

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