death letter

LEENISHA the lady inspector lives with her husband and son. One day SAROO the tea stall boy oes ith a iitatio ard to her offie ut she ad his ostale fried SIDDHU does’t take seriously, in that day a teacher stabbed pen in eye and cut throat by one of the college student in examination room. When LEENISHA and her team reach there to investigate she astonishes but no one sees this except SIDDHU. In investigation they comes to point that MILAN KUMAR murdered him but police have no clue why a student kills his teacher. She has the upper officer S.P ho treats her adl as she a’t fid the urderer.

The et da after soe iterieig ith MILAN KUMAR’ S olleague, she ad SIDDHU goes for tea and in backward of tea stall SIDDHU asks why she react to see the teacher. She goes to the flashback and says how she fells love in love with a first year guy RAJAT as she is in final year and how the teacher asks her to accept his proposal and she gives him last warning and one day in exam hall the teacher in appropriately tries to touches her and she slaps him and that day the teacher rusticate from college.

She and her husband goes to her parent house in the evening. Parent are very happy to see them as they are going to the after a ties. She does’t hate her fail ut she has soe issues with her father as he restricts her form many things but she has nothing sorrow today and she comes to meet them and she makes dinner for everyone. The next day when she gets another invitation card and she checks that it is a death threat and she checks the previous card and both are death threat card by name of DEATH. Previous one for a teacher and this one for a father but there is no direct indication about anyone. The letter is more philosophical type. That day a lady NGO SAROJA SHARMA oes to sure her paret house ad stas pe her father’s ee ad uts throat and he gets dead.

She has no clue what is going on, she is in sorrow and she takes one week off from work and she does normal thing in that day. A new SI posted for the investigation, after one day of investigation he gets the card and goes to her home and requests her to come back to the work and after his request and argument with her husband she decides to come back to work. From tea stall owner RAJU she gets to know that whomever she hates, that guy kills him. She is little tension and SIDDHU to make situation light, he asks about RAJAT and she says about their breakup story and how she gets married to her husband. She makes plan to catch him as they get card from the sae plae i orig tie so she ad her tea sta i differet plae to ath hi ut the a’t as he jumps from the bridge. Nothing is found from water except one purse and helmet. The card is there, this time open death threat to SP. She tells SP to not attend the safety campaign but he refuses and changes her from security to another and eventually PETER kills him as letter that he gives to surprise. He kills with a crossbow from distances, she tries to sae hi ut she a’t. That day from new address from purse she gets a DVD and chart of death list and question mark on fourth one.
She sees the video that was from her college function eventually that day she engaged with her husband but in video she was there, performing an act. The next day new officer warns her to solve the case in one week otherwise the case will transfer to someone else. She gets to the guy who acted in that video with her look alike and he is RAJAT’s fried ad she goes to his home as she gets to know that he does’t retur his hoe i eight ear. She thiks all that ase liks her so somehow she makes plan and news flash on newspaper that she is going to divorce her husband for domestic violence. As the news flash the owner of tea stall RAJU sees and revels his identity. He lives with a house with too many mask. He did all the murder and so eventually he comes to murder her husband and get killed.

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