Don Retire Huwa
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Daud Abraham is living in Karachi Pakistan in a 5 star
bungalow owned by him. He is supported by Pakistani Govt. & ISI. In
India so many cases are pending in courts against Daud Abraham,
like murders, Hawalas, Firoties, Drugs selling etc. Besides his
bungalow a businessmen leaves for good neighbor and harassment
by security of Pakistani Police etc. As no one coming for rent, he
gave an advertisement for rent.
In India two brothers Govind and Gopal have expert
Import business. In his firm GG Brothers a huge amount in a firm of
Karachi Pakistan is to recover. But due to murder of Pakistani firm
owner response found by telephones. So Govind goes to Karachi
and stay for some time in Pakistan and reading advertisement for
bungalow for rent gets it. Govind has wife & daughter of 5 years.
All lived besides Daud Abraham. Govind tries for recovering
money with firm in Pakistan.
Due to unavailability of funds GG Brothers and pressure
for loans money & lenders money. Gopal shuts the firm and go to a
Ashram and for purpose to be saved from lenders becomes Sanyasi
and wears the dress of Swami. He becomes the deciple of Ashram of
Swami Kabir Dasji. Kabirdas Swami is very much famous in India and
PM of India is also deciple of Swami.
In Karachi Don Daud Abraham has kidney problem and
some other health problems. He is now at age of 68 Govt. of India is
making much pressure for Pakistan to take action against Daud. So
Daud can not go away from Bungalow. So he suffers much trouble in
health. Don Chota Ravan, who was earlier Daud’s man, then after
become enemy, attacks 8 times to murder Daud, but failed.
The daughter of Govind named Heeva sees the swimming
pool in Daud’s bungalow, she cried for take bath. Her mother Deesa
dose not know about his neighbor Don. So she innocently goes to
Daud’s bungalow and request for bath for her baby. Heeva is allowed
to bath. Daud is sitting in rest chair. After some time, when Heeva not
coming out of bath, Deesa tells Daud to see Heeva for same time.
Daud plays with Heeva and gets so much joy. He dreams that if he
had a grand sons he must be so happy. But he has only one
unmarried son but he is living spiritual life in Masjid as Maulvi and
not connected with Daud. Heeva regularly comes for bath and Daud
loved very much to Heeva. Some times Heeva request to go outside
in Doud’s car, but Daud say I am helpless. Then Heeva says Daud,
are you so coward ? This affects the heart of Daud. He decides to live
normal life and wants to distribute all his wealth collected by wrong
ways to poor people and also to them who were injusticed by him.
Daud helped Govind in recovering his money in Karachi and then
Daud requests Govind to help for going India. Govind finds it
imposible but for try he tells his brother Gopal for help in the matter.
Gopal tells to Swami Kabir Dasji that Daud wants to come India and
wishes to distribute all his wealth for charity. Kabir Dasji after
thinking tells Gopal that you have to go Karachi and stay in Daud’s
bungalow and Daud in disguise of Gopal will come to India in your
passport. Gopal sends this messages to Govind and Daud agrees
happily. Gopal  goes to Karachi and stayed in Daud’s bungalow in disguise of Daud
Abraham. And Daud comes to India in disguise of Gopal and
stayed at asharam of Yoganand Daud cried at knees of Kabirdas
and tells that I am so much tired of wrong things doing since
childhood, nor I wish only peace and peace. Kabir Swami assures
in that he will surely get peace.
Gopal had hidden wishes for having good bungalow, cars and
beautiful girl. So he is happy in disguise of Don in Daud’s bunglow. A
beautiful girl Manju caretaker of Daud, now takes care of Gopal
without knowing the changed situation. When Manju at night sits
besides Gopal in sleeping bed, Gopal hesitates, but he likes, so he
postponed to tell truth. Manju doubts when there is change in
conduct. Then Gopal tells all truth and request not to tell any body
and live as situation before. Gopal attracted by Manju.
Daud gives as lot of money to Kabirdasji and they
arrange charity function of distribution of things to poor public. Daud
enjoyed this very much. He first time gets the enjoy of giving and get
tears in his eyes. So many assets of Daud are sold. Kabir Dasji and
Daud in Gopals disguise contact persons who complained against
Daud for different cases, like murder, firoti etc. They compromise
with them apologizing for forgive and giving huge amount which they
never expected. As many years passed away they forgot the matter
and getting crores of money satisfied with compromise.
Then after Daud comes in his original face. He surrenders
to Government with help of Kabirdasji, after Kabirdasji meeting with
PM. PM helps in the cases as he had donated all his wealth in charity
of poor. Public respond good as Don has changed his heart.
Witnesses do not come in courts against Don due to love. At last
Daud becomes free from cases of Govt. and public. He lives in
Ashram and becomes diciple of Kabirdasji and he has been given
new name Valmik Swami. He can get all medical felicities services in
ashram and his heart experience the joy of peace.
Other Dons of India like Raudy Rajan, Anu Gavali, Cetan
Battery, Anil Nayak knew about Daud’s latest life. They were also
rivals of Daud at some time. They all are tired due to age and health
problems and wish peaceful life. They contact Daud and request for
them to escape from cases in courts and tell offers to give up their all
property in charity. Daud and Swami Kabirdas help them and they all
surrender to Govt. and get bail and give up all property in charity and
distribute with own hands and becomes so happy they got tears of
pleasure in their eyes.
All is well is found in country.
– End –
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