Emilia, Story of a Trafficked Poetess
Based on the Novel written by me was published globally in Feb 2018.
Author: Richard
Script Length : 120 pages
Log Line : The journey of a trafficked child Jaya becoming the poetess Emilia.
The Movie starts with Peter receiving a parcel from Emilia Mukherjee, the lady who becomes air just a day before their marriage. In the parcel Peter finds two medium size notebooks and a letter. In the letter Emilia , expresses her regret for everything , she also requests to go through the note books to live the life of Jaya and how she becomes Emilia. Peter turns the cover page of the first note book.
In a school in Sundarban , Jaya looks at the cloudy sky and retires to the memory her father, died six months ago falling victim to a crocodile . Her friend Durga brings her back to present and informs her about the early dispersal of the school due to rain and also tells her about the poetry writing competition. Jaya is known for her command on Bengali literature, she dreams to become a poetess in her future . She wins the prize and acknowledgement whenever participates in cultural functions. After having little fun on their way, both return to their home. Jaya comes home and surprises when her mother Shyamali introduces her to Badal as a distant cousin of her father. Jaya does not say anything but turns suspicious as she knows not anything about her father’s distant cousin and the visage of Badal too shares resemblance to qualify the introduction. Jaya runs to the field to overcome the uneasiness and starts playing with the other kids from the village. Jaya returns home and discovers an empty packet of cigarette; she lifts the packet and starts toying with it. An used condom comes in her hand when she tear opens the packet. Innocent Jaya asks her mother about it , her mother slaps her saying nothing . Jaya goes to bed that night earlier than her usual time . At midnight she wakes up hearing a rattling sound coming from the adjacent room of their small hut, she searches for her mother but finds her missing in the bed. She follows the sound and enters the room , in the dark room the moonlight permeates through the holes in their straw thatched roof brings an shadowy image of Badal and her mother shyamali cuddling each other. She silently leaves the room and keeps mum about her findings as she fears to be beaten by her mother. Jaya finds herself in a disturbed state , she can neither accept it nor raise her voice against it. The neighbors raise their concerns about Badal’s frequent night stay in their house .She once goes to the shop to buy sugar with 50 rupee note , the shopkeeper mocks her and indirectly points his finger to Shyamali ( Jaya’s Mother). Worst happens when following an argument one of the neighbors calls Shayamali a whore , Jaya drags her mother by force and asks about Badal . Shayamli tries to avoid jaya , but Jaya driven by extreme desperation calls her mother a whore too and threatens her to make their affair public. This turns Shyamali furious and she pounces on Jaya and beats her to bleed. Later Shyamali comes to jaya and breaks into tear clutching her into arms. Shyamali confesses everything to Jaya and also tells the reason . Shyamali tells Jaya that Badal loves her and would marry her soon , in Kolkata Jaya would be getting admitted in a good school , electricity , television and good clothes are the other enticements that Shyamali keeps before her daughter. Jaya , so young to smell the trap and gives in .
The day comes when Jaya with her Mother begin their Journey to Kolkata with a dream of good life where all the luxury of living would be available to them. On the way Badal gives them buns to eat contaminated with strong sedatives, both collapses in the suv.
Jaya opens her eyes in a dark room, she yells for her mother, Gulabi Apa , the leader of the begging clan comes instead and tells Jaya that she is sold to her. Jaya,s life in the slum changes , she accepts the challenge and keeps her eyes open for an opportunity to escape the torture of living as a forced beggar. She becomes Tia from Jaya. Jaya tries but fails to earn the given target and this turns Gulabi Apa mad on her, she decides to pierce her eyes to make her eligible to win sympathy but one of her lieutenants stops her. Shefali , Gulabi Apa’s trusted lieutenant suggests to use Tia as a begging singer for now and to put her on to brothel once she grows to her puberty. Gulabi Apa buys this suggestion and aligns Jaya with Mynah, a beggar cum expert on pickpocketing. Mynah and Jaya becomes good friend, Mynah accepts her as a sister and protects her . Life becomes little easy for Jaya.
The navaratri arrives, Gulabi Apa calls Jaya and Mynah with her scheme to earn more during the Durga Puja season in Kolkata. Jaya and Mynah starts begging at Dakshineshwar Temple , Mynah acts as a blind and dumb while Jaya , his poor sister begs for donation to perform her Puja . On the seventh day of the Navaratri , a lady approaches Jaya with a photograph of her small daughter and asks if she has seen her anywhere. The daughter of the lady goes missing from a Puja Pandal , there is no trace of her for last two days . The companion of the lady gives 500 Rs with his address to Jaya requesting her to inform if she finds the baby. Jaya hears a faint cry of a baby at early dawn, she wakes up Mynah and both spy on Gulabi Apa’s room. Jaya identifies the baby and decides to inform the mother by going there. Mynah rejects the idea fearing the risks if they get caught. Jaya insists and Mynah gives in and they use their off on the eighth day of Navaratri and informs the guardian of the baby. While returning they are noticed by Shefali , the lieutenant of Gulabi Apa alighting from the car of the guardian to the baby . Oblivion to their brutal fate they return to the den of Gulabi Apa. Gulabi Apa sells her to Qasim, already coveted by the charm of Jaya.
Qasim rapes her and later Badal Joins him . Jaya abuses Badal asks about her mother, Badal tells her that her mother is now a bride to many . Badal and Qasim decides to feast on the flesh of Jaya before exporting her to the brothel. Qasim a political murderer decides not to sell her but to keep her as her mistress . Jaya helplessly prays to God everyday either to give her death or freedom .
The day comes when Qasim forgets to lock the almirah and leaves the key in hurry. Jaya opens the door of the Almirah and finds a small pouch , She puts her hand in and finds a revolver inside it . The desire to take revenge and freedom gets on her flesh. She prepares herself mentally and sets the trap to eliminate whoever comes first. Badal comes at night , Jaya surrenders her body for the last time to him , soon after Badal retires to an alcoholic slumber , Jaya kills him . At the early dawn she creeps out of the house and takes cover behind the bushes. She waits for Qasim to come , her prey appears soon after the day break . Qasim goes inside the house and comes out screaming oblivion to the presence of Jaya behind him, Jaya Pulls the trigger and the bullet pierces the skull of Qasim. Jaya comes over the body and pumps in bullets on his chest emptying the chamber and then collapses on the ground losing her sense.
In the Juvenile court, Jaya defends herself with courage. The court orders for her treatment in a rehabilitation and dismisses all charges of murder.
Six months later, Priyadarshini Mukherjee, an unmarried author and social activist adopt Jaya. Pridarshini Mukherjee runs an N.G.O Dadhichini dedicated for the welfare of the souls in the Red light Area and also helps the trafficked victims . She names Jaya as Emilia Mukherjee and provides her with good education raises her with care. Life returns everything to Jaya with interest.
Years later Emilia in her final years at Viswa Bharati , Shantiniketan meets Tathagata through Sinthi , her college mate and close friend. Tathagata falls in love with Emilia, and becomes an admirer of her poetries. But Emilia keeps herself away from him. Tathagata continues pursuing her, Sinthi too advocates Tathagata to be genuine and finally the spring blooms in Emilia’s heart. Emilia marries Tathagata ignoring the caution of Priyadarshini Mukherjee.
The marriage breaths it’s last within six months as Emilia fails to fulfill the physical desire of her husband. Emilia suffers from Xenophobia, a mental disorder that brings fear of sexual intercourse in a woman.
Emilia takes a break and comes to Jamshedpur and devotes herself in the service of trafficked victims. She meets Peter, an U.S. returned Engineer now writing a novel on human trafficking. Peter falls in love, Emilia being more conscious this time avoids him but the cupid again blooms the desire in her heart to be loved . Peter’s childish nature wins her heart and finally she gives in. Priyadarshini chides her for repeating the mistake again reminding her about her past and worries that may come in her life again.
Emilia’s conscience rejects the dream of being someone’s wife as her chastity has plundered. she escapes a just a day before the marriage.
In the last page She seeks pardon from Peter and asks him write a novel on human trafficking based on her life and also thanks the moment when she decides to bring an end to the life of plundered dignity.
Months later
George spreads his coat on the tomb of Emilia and walks out Priyadarshini Mukherjee, who he now calls Mother.
The End

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