Prime Locations: USA, India and London.
Genre: Romance/Drama
Script Length: 120 pages

Log line: When destiny brings Professor the moments that he desires to live for decades at the very doorstep of his death.
Characters and their roles : Professor Peter William Fernandez(Protagonist) , Barrister Amineh Jamsheed (Female Protagonist),George Lazarus ( Professor’s loving disciple and Sreemoyee’s lover) , Rebeca ( George’s Sister and Publishing manager of Professor) , Sreemoyee Mukherjee ( an Indian Lecturer working in London ,very close to Amineh) April Gonzalez( Professor’s Office manager and an aspiring author in search of a plot ), Salini (Sreemoyee’s friend in London )and Dr.Massiuddin Firdausi (an NRI dentist and Professor’s close friend , famous for his Urdu poetry and humor).
Characters with minute appearance : Sreepada Mukherjee and Jyotirmoyee Mukherjee (Sreemoyee’s Parents) , Farooq Jamsheed ( Amineh’ Father also a rich Parsi exporter) , Jake (Rebeca’s Husband ), Rose (6 year old daughter of Jake and Rebeca) , Latika (Amineh’s nepali maid ) . Aunt Clara ( Professor’s land lady in his struggling youth in Bow Barracks , Kolkata ) , Patrick ( Professor’s friend in his youth in Jamshedpur) , Katherine ( Professor’ mother who dies in silence ) , Reymond D’ Rose and Dorothy D’ Rose ( Professor’s Parents ) , James ( Patrick’s Brother), Ranjana ( Amineh’s Friend who brings Amineh close to Professor).
Characters with no appearance: Dr. Fredrich Lazarus.
The Story begins at Texas

The doctor looks at the C.T scan report and tells professor about the presence of the tumor in his brain known as brain aneurism in medical lexicon, difficult to operate as the presence of blister like bulge is in a weak part of a blood vessel in the brain. Professor, known for his carefree attitude towards life comes

out of the hospital with a smile on his face. Professor celebrates the report as a notice of freedom from the lonely life the only thing he repents, is not being able to meet Amineh before death. Amineh Jamsheed , the lady who he loved decades ago and separated under the compulsion of Amineh’s family . Amineh’s father Frooq Jamsheed opposes and compels Amineh to quit the relationship with Professor threatening Amineh of committing suicide. Professor moves on with his life achieving everything that many dreams of achieving but remain unmarried with a hope that someday Amineh would return in his life as the pair to the Goblet that he has is still with Amineh . In U.S.A he has been living in Texas with people who love him, Rebeca and George the children of his best friend Late Dr. Fredrich Lazarus, April Gonzalez Dr. Massiuddin Firdausi, a dentist and urdu poet, and a silver goblet. The unsuccessful love story of Professor is still unknown to all except Dr. Massiuddin Firdausi. Professor receives a call from Rebeca , reminding him about the book release function for his new self-help book , in the conversation Professor learns about Her brother George’s arrival after months . On the other part of the globe, In London, Sreemoyee meets her friend Salini at a café to discuss the complicated situation that she is going through. Sreemoyee is in a relationship with George; both are committed to each other and planning to get married. Sreemoyee finds herself in a helpless condition when her father disapproves the marriage expressing discontentment. Sreemoyee neither wants to loose George nor her family in Kolkata; she fears that marrying George without the consent of her father would cost her all ties with her family. The discussion ends with Sreemoyee’s decision to take time before she takes any step. George in a state of confusion after he fails to win Sreemoyee’s approval for the marriage flies back to U.S.A to take help from his Sister Rebeca and Professor, his mentor and support since his father passed away.
Professor delivers his speech like never before on depression. George approaches Professor for counseling to deal with the situation. Professor gives him an appointment on the following day any time after 11 am. Sreemoyee at Salini’s apartment expresses her incapacity to walk out of the relationship now at the same time marrying George against her father’s will challenging her moral. Professor with his Friend Massiuddin Firdausi spends some time drinking; Professor gives a nod to his proposal to visit India. George turns impatient as Sreemoyee stops responding to her call. Rebeca advise him to walk away if things are not working straight, and George advocates Sreemoyee’s sincerity for him and prefers talking to Professor before coming to a decision. Sreemoyee in London reserves her ticket to India to seek guidance on her course of action from her patron Barrister Amineh Jamsheed, now living in Siliguri. Sreemoyee believes that only Amineh can convince her orthodox father.
George comes to Professor’s residence with his sister Rebeca. Professor and George begin their discussion meanwhile Rebeca and April take tour of the Professor’s personal gallery. In the gallery Rebeca talks about the silver goblet and its mystery reserved to Professor only, their conversation ends with April’s desire to write a novel on Professor’s life to give her writing career a rocket boost. George agrees to go to London to speak to Sreemoyee for one last time.

In Airport. Salini questions Sreemoyee about her decision if George walks away, in reply to that Sreemoyee tells her that sincerity never comes with a hall mark of genuineness it should be tested. George rushes in the lobby and catches Sreemoyee. Sreemoyee assures him of returning from India soon as she must give herself a try to avoid the guilt for life time.
Sreemoyee takes her flight to Bagdogra. George decides to remain in London until he gets a news from Sreemoyee. In the flight Sreemoyee meets Rini (an air hostess) her one of her old class mates from Kolkata.
At Texas, Professor’s residence Rebeca with her husband Jake and their daughter Rose, April with her mother Eloisa celebrate the 54th birth day of Professor. After the guests are gone Professor discovers a letter with the gift from Rebeca, requesting Professor to help April with a plot as her skill deserves it. The letter keeps Professor silent for hours. Professor Counsels himself with the belief that the emptiness of his life will earn little compensation if gets published as a novel by April. He decides to reward April with the story of his youth that remain deprived for decades.
Professor begins telling his story to April, (that takes the story in flashback). Professor meets Amineh for the first time in Jamshedpur in a marriage reception where he goes with his friend Patrick and loses his heart to her but before any communication takes place .Professor receives the news of Katherin’s (mother) fatal accident. Professor rushes to Ranchi where his mother is admitted. His mother succumbs to her injuries before he reaches. Months later he comes to Kolkata then Calcutta in search of a job and starts living in Bow Barracks as a paying guest to Aunt Clara. He soon gets a job in a college as a junior lecturer, where he earns a good name for his command on Victorian English. Ranjana a student in the college where Professor is appointed as a lecturer brings Amineh in Professor’s life. Ranjana and Amineh are good friends and both love performing arts. Ranjana approaches Professor with Amineh to write a play on Aristotle and Alexander. Professor thanks his fortune for rewarding him to see Amineh . He reminds Amineh about the marriage reception where he finds Amineh for the very first time in his life, he confesses to have clicked photographs of her that he still has with him. The photographs bridge the distance and they become friends. A series of regular meetings develop a corner of affection in Amineh’s heart for Professor that later takes the shape of love. Professor in his professional life earns an opportunity to secure Job in U.S.A t o work with Dr. Fredrich Lazarus (George’s Father), a professor of philosophy in Texas through in a contact in Bombay. Professor proposes Amineh for marriage, Amineh agrees but the relationship ends as Farooq Jamsheed , Amineh’ Father opposes and compels Amineh to break all ties with Professor . The anglo – parsi cultural difference ends the relationship. Professor tries everything overcome the loss. He goes to the brothel to compensate his grief but realizes his incapacity to get intimate with any woman other than Amineh. Professor’s life become more miserable when confesses to be in love with him too and driven out of conceit she informs Amineh’s father about their affair. Professor comes to U.S.A after that and never marries to avoid complications in his life

Sreemoyee tells Amineh about Professor when asked about George’s family. Sreemoyee tells her how Professor supports George and Rebeca after the demise of their father Dr. Fredrich Lazarus, a close friend and mentor to Professor. Amineh retires to her past memories with professor. She finds Sreemoyee to be in the similar condition and decides to mend her mistake by helping Sreemoyee to get married with George. On their way to Kolkata Amineh decides not to visit Sreemoyee’s Parents fearing a denial and repetition of the tragedy. Amineh and Sreemoyee come to London. George sends the news of their arrival to Professor with a pic. Professor becomes delighted for a moment before he remembers about his brain tumor. He decides not to face Amineh and flies to Massachusets where Massiuddin is living with son Imtiaz on a vacation. Massiuddin counsels him to spend some time with Amineh to reward the longing youth that he lived. Professor returns to Texas. Professor tries to talk with Amineh in private but she keeps herself at a distance, knowing everything April conspires to make a space for them in private. A day before Amineh’s scheduled departure to India, Professor and Amineh finds themselves in the gallery while the others busy gossiping. Amineh accuses professor to be selfish for not coming to India once after the tragedy, she confronts Professor saying that she too ruined her youth; she confesses that she has only come to mend her mistake. Professor tries his best stop to Amineh, but nothing changes her decision. Amineh walks out of the gallery suppressing her emotions. Professor drinks that night. Next Morning April comes to Professor’s residence; she presses the doorbell repeatedly but gets no response. April being anxious of not getting any response breaks in and finds him collapsed on the floor holding the goblet in his hand. April calls George and informs him and also requests him to stop Amineh from leaving.
In the hospital, the doctor declares Professor to be out of danger but his left hand to be paralyzed that may take months to recover. Amineh rushes to Professor’s cabin, Professor Smiles and asks whether they can drink from the Goblets or not, Amineh falls on her knees and say “Yes” in tears.
Six months later in India, Professor and Amineh with everyone including Sreemoyee’s Parents clicks a photograph by holding a Novel titled as Goblets.
The End.

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