I Am Little Rajaswola

TITLE :- I Am Little Rajaswala
LAKSHMI, Three-years-old girl, from Lucknow, suddenly started bleeding from her private part
on Diwali festival. Lakshmi’s Mother SEEMA assumes that someone did raped with LAKSHMI
and she wants to go police station but, RAJAT stop her and compels SEEMA to keep this matter
hidden. But still their neighbours get to know : They degrade them. From this reason LAKSHMI
suspended from kindergarden school. Rumour about LAKSHMI, that someone did black magic
on her. SEEMA gets believe on that rumour but RAJAT not..
Following day, SEEMA got Pamphlet in cupboard mentioned “Black Magic’s Cure”, she makes
plan to go there, when RAJAT will go on job. At Pamphlet’s address, BABA doing black magic’s
worship on LAKSHMI. RAJAT stop this, when he get know and Smite to BABA. BABA feels
insulting and thinks to take revenge..
Next day, SEEMA saw a news in newspaper mentioned a father raped his own daughter. Same
day, SEEMA get bedsheet with blood’s stain in RAJAT’S office bag. She gets doubt and asks
LAKSHMI, was RAJAT touched her’s private part? LAKSHMI replies, “YES”
RAJAT is detained and tortured by policemen, he gives statement through flashback : RAJAT’S
flashbacks begin, when he was met 2months pregnant celibate SEEMA. He falls in love and get
married with her. RAJAT says, LAKSHMI’S body was rapidly growing from her birth, due to
that now she is looking like 8-yrs-old girl in the age of 3yrs only. LAKSHMI’S body structure
changed like adults(growing breast and pubic hair). When SEEMA was in kolkata, RAJAT saw
swell with rashes on LAKSHMI’S breast, he touches her breast for healing.
Following morning, he saw blood’s stain on bedsheet, where LAKSHMI slept. He hides
bedsheet in his office bag. At clinic, DR.SUSH reveals, LAKSHMI is suffering from rare disease
name Early Puberty, in this disease, due to increasing hormones, menstrual cycle started in
LAKSHMI. Dr.SUSH shows him LAKSHMI’S Medical report, but still he unsatisfied with
Dr.SUSH’S interpretation. Next day, RAJAT got that BABA’S black magic pamphlet in bus. He
kept it in cupboard.At BABA’S home, BABA takes money from RAJAT and says, LAKSHMI’S
periods will stop from next month, but unfortunately, next month, on Diwali again she gets…
After hearing RAJAT’S story, Policemen gets LAKSHMI’S Medical report and then he leaves
RAJAT. From this false allegation, RAJAT has been sacked from job. At home, SEEMA
apologise for her misunderstanding. RAJAT realize that she remorse for what she did… but
despite this, SEEMA visiting BABA’S home secretly.
At clinic, DR.SUSH says, he should go to Delhi for LAKSHMI’S cure. At Same time in
RAJAT’S home, BABA tells SEEMA to purchase some groceries from market for worship. As
soon as SEEMA goes, BABA do rape with LAKSHMI and then rushes out.. On SEEMA’S
statement, police arrested BABA at Railway station after searching operation. RAJAT realize that
SEEMA betray him, and then RAJAT leaves her, takes LAKSHMI with him to Delhi….
15-yrs-later, Delhi, LAKSHMI speaks her life story in Father’s day at college. She invites
RAJAT on stage, RAJAT looks at SEEMA after 15yrs, they cries and hugs and then, they
Happily takes family photo on stage…
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