Justice- Story of a Lost Girl

Justice – Story of a Lost Girl

Written By – Akshay Salave

According to a survey, India an unsafe place for women and girls. Every day more than 105 girls get raped in India. And it’s a huge number. Most girls can’t tell anyone about the incident if happened to them. Can’t even their parents. Because of the society. What does society think about us, what will they react, are they give us the respect we deserve or not. Girls are trapped in only this things. But some girls want to fight against it. It’s a story about a girl, Niyati, who wants her justice. Let’s see, is she get it or not.

Niyati lives in Delhi with her parents. She belongs to a middle-class family. Her father is a tailor and mother is a housewife. Niyati’s aim to be a CA. She takes hard work on it. Vijay is a politician. But he takes the wrong advantage of his post. He does some illegal work. Like smuggling, kidnapping etc. Vijay wants to marry with Niyati. He proposes Niyati to marrying. Niyati rejects it. Vijay trying to convince Niyati’s parents. But they also don’t want this marry. After many failed attempts, Vijay’s mind filled with revenge. When Niyati returning home after giving her CA’s exams, Vijay grabbed her and rapes on her. Niyati totally mentally imbalance after the incident happened with her. She came home and tell her parents about it. They trying to take help of police. Jaiswal, the Inspector of Delhi police wants to take strict action against it. But Vijay killed Jaiswal’s family in an accident. Vijay puts pressure on Jaiswal to leave his post. Finally, Jaiswal leaves his post. After losing all the hope, Niyati’s family leave the city and came to Jaipur.

To forget the past and start a new life, Niyati join’s a bakery shop. The bakery shop is an of Swami’s dad. Swami and Niyati were childhood friends. Swami gives training to girls of self-defence. Swami and Niyati were separated at the age of 14 because Swami’s dad came to Jaipur for business. Swami and Niyati loved each other. But never dare to tell. When Swami and Niyati came face to face they identify each other. But Niyati trying to ignore Swami. Swami force to Niyati to tell, why she behaves like this? Niyati tells him about her past. Swami gets shocked. But he can’t leave Niyati alone. Swami decides and promises to Niyati, that he will give her justice. Swami gives self-defense training to Niyati.

Swami and Niyati came to Delhi. They trying to take help of police. But because the pressure of Vijay, police couldn’t help them. Swami and Niyati get to know about Jaiswal. They meet him and ask him a help. Jaiswal agreed. Swami, Niyati, and Jaiswal make a plan. According to the plan, Swami makes a friendship with Vijay. Very soon they became best friends. Vijay blindly believes in Swami. Swami gets all the information about Vijay’s illegal business. Swami collects all the evidence about them and saves it on his laptop. Niyati came to Vijay, and ask him to marry her. Swami convinced Vijay to marry with Niyati. Vijay agreed. The plan goes successfully. But Vijay gets to know about Niyati, Swami, and Jaiswal. He trying to finish all of them. But they escape from there. But Swami forgets his laptop, which contains all the evidence against Vijay. Vijay found that laptop. And he called Swami, Niyati, and Jaisawal to meet him. They came to Vijay. Vijay hit Swami and Jaiswal very badly. He tied them to chair. Niyati and Vijay came face to face. Vijay admitted in front of Niyati, that he raped on her. Niyati record Vijay’s statement in her hidden camera. Vijay tries again to force Niyati. But Niyati fights him like a true man. She totally destroys Vijay. Vijay land on the floor. Niyati found a gun and aim it on Vijay’s head. But Jaiswal stopped her. Swami shows all the evidence against Vijay to court. Court gives Vijay, the punishment of hanging. Niyati gets justice. The results of CA’s exams have announced. Niyati makes the top in it. She gets a job and she proudly joins it.

The End

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