Kichad mein khilla kamal

Kichad mein khilla kamal    –    short film synopsis

The movie plot is based on arrogant people. Whenever we cross paths with poor people, we must not laugh or comment at their poor attire because they also possess a hidden talent which is not there even in arrogant people.

The movie starts with two arrogant 13- year old school boys named Sameer and Rahul sit on a bench in a garden. On the walks briskly into the corridor, before faltering to a halter next bench, an old man sits reading a newspaper. Meanwhile Rahul questions Sameer that why did drawing sir scolded him today Sameer answering to him takes out his drawing book and shows the disorganized and ungraceful painting of lotus.looking at it Rahul bursts out laughing and makes fun of his painting but Sameer does not accept his mistake hence he curse his color pens and throws away the color pens into the dustbin angrily. Only then, a 12 -year old calm ragpicker boy named Arun comes there to gather plastic, looking at Arun’s dirty attire, they make his lot of jokes. The old man sitting beside gets disturbed and walks away and later the boys also leave for home but Sameer forgets his drawing notebook.

The poor Arun collects waste from the dustbin and finds out color pens and a drawing notebook on the bench, thinking that it may be of those two boys he keeps it with him. In the house, Arun couldn’t resist himself to open that book to see the drawings and finally, he opens the book in which all drawings are looking ugly. Looking at the conditions of drawing he decides to draw a lotus and starts drawing it on the opposite page of the last lotus drawing and finally finishes the drawing and smiles daily.

On the second day, Sameer and Rahul come in the garden searching for the drawing book but they don’t find it they ask about the book to the same old man sitting on the bench. Only then, Arun comes and handovers his book and to them, they get surprised and starts checking the book and finds a beautiful lotus drawing. The old man identifies Arun’s talent and tells them that Arun is a real artist and he is a form of lotus but Sameer and Rahul argue with the man saying lotus looks beautiful and look at this boy he’s so dirty pointing to his attire. Arun feels embarrassed. Then the old man tells them and throws light upon their unmatured thinking saying “lotus also blossom in the mud” then why ca n’t this boy be a form of lotus? they had no answer for that question and were embarrassed.


In the garden, Rahul laughs at Sameer ugly Lotus drawing but Sameer doesn’t accept his mistake hence he curse his color pens. A ragpicker boy named Arun comes there. looking at Arun’s dirty attire, they make his lot of jokes. when they leave for home Sameer forgets his drawing notebook which Arun finds out and he opens it. looking at the condition of drawings he draws a beautiful lotus drawing and him handovers it to them. looking at the beautiful lotus drawing, they were surprised. an old man identifies Arun’s talent and tells them “Arun is a real artist and he is a form of lotus” but they don’t accept this and points at Arun’s dirty attire. So an old man asks them “Lotus also blossoms in mud then why can’t this boy be a form of Lotus” and they were embarrassed.


Written by

Soniya  S  Girap


An OLDMAN sitting on a bench with a newspaper, and spectacles. A little plastic is lying around the bench. A dustbin near to the old man’s bench. Two arrogant 13- year school boys RAHUL and SAMEER in their school uniform,  with school bags, in a stylish way, moving key of their bicycle both walk towards the bench and sit next to the old man’s bench.

RAHUL                                                                                                                               Aaj school mein maja aagaya yaar.

SAMEER                                                                                                                 Ha yaar vakayi mein maja aagaya…

RAHUL                                                                                                                                               Are yaar ! tujhe aaj drawing sir ne kyun daata?

SAMEER                                                                                                                                                                           (  Thinking )                                                                                                                         Oh… ! ek minute

Sameer takes out his Drawing notebook from his bag. In which all drawings are looking ugly. He shows the fifth ‘Lotus’  drawing.

SAMEER ( CONT’D )                                                                                                    ( Showing lotus drawing )                                                                                             Is drawing ki wajah se yaar.

Oldman looks at them, he sees a ugly lotus drawing.

RAHUL                                                                                                                     ( Laughs )                                                                                                                       Kya tunhe is lotus ko polio injection nahi diya tha?

SAMEER ( CONT’D )                                                                                   ( Laughs )                                                                                                Tu bhi kya yaar ?                                                                                                      ( Avoids eys contact )                                                                                Lekin isme meri koi galti nahi thi. lagta hai meri                                                                                            colour pens hi theek se work nahi kar rahi hai.                                                                     Inhe phek deta hoon… better hoga.

Sameer takes out colour pens from the bag. We knows he doesn’t accepts his  mistake hence he curse his colour pens.

RAHUL ( CONT’D )                                                                                     ( Encouraging )                                                                                         Ha ha phek de aur new purchase karle.

Sameer stands up, keep the drtawing note book on the bench, puts his bag  over it, and throws colour pens into the dustbin. Only then, a 12- year old calm  Rag picker boy named ARUN comes with a dirty sack hung over his shoulder,  and he starts to collects plastics. Sameer looks at him for a beat. Looking at  his dirty attire, Sameer smiles arrogantly.

SAMEER                                                                                         ( Holds nose, loudly says )                                                                       Kahi se dirty smell aarahi hai na ?

RAHUL  ( CONT’D )                                                                                          Kaha se ?

Sameer points Rahul towards Arun with eyes. Rahul looks at Arun.Rahul               knows that Sameer is making Arun’s joke.

RAHUL                                                                                                       ( Looking at Arun, loudly says, holds nose )                                                                        Ha yaar.

oldman looks at them.

SAMEER                                                                                            ( Showing Arun’s side, loudly says )                                                           Lagta hai vaha se aarahi hai

Both are laughs, Arun looks at them innocently.

RAHUL                                                                                        ( Laughs, loudly says )                                                                                          Lagta toh aisa hi hai.

Oldman is distrubs from them, and he leaves.

SAMEER                                                                                                       ( Holds nose, loudly says )                                                                                               I can’t control it

Both laugh, Arun walks a little away from there.


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