kis ki galti

Kis Ki Galti

One Liner
Name of the Film Script: Kis Ki Galti.
Language Medium: English.
Time Duration: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes.

Aftab and Komal are the main characters in the story. The play unfolds when Komal is seen inaugurating
an institute namely “Aftab research institute” At the ceremony, Komal gets deep to her thoughts and
begins to think about how this institute came into existence. She becomes nostalgic and begins to feel
those wonderful days how she used to play with her friend Aftab. Komal belongs to a Pandith family and
Aftab to a Muslim family. Both of these two families shared sorrows and joys with each other.
Tragedy struck in Kashmir 1990’s everywhere there is blood and mayhem. Unfortunately Aftab’s Brother
Khalid “who is elder to him” becomes a victim of the conflict. In the meanwhile, Komal’s parents
migrated from Kashmir to Pune. Where Bansi Lal’s brother Ramesh was doing his job and was settled
there already. At the time of departure of Komal’s family, the neighbors which included Aftab’s family
and Prem Singh could not bear this separation; nevertheless, they remained in contact with each other
through postal letters.
However the family of the GH Nabi migrated from village to city and after the examination of
their children (Aftab and Najma), they returned back to their native village. Aftab went to see the lush
green meadows of his village. He became nostalgic and started to look at that watch which Komal has
given to him at the time of departure. He became unaware of the situation as he came to senses dusk
was already setting and he quickly started his track back to his home. On the way, three masked men
met him and forced Aftab to show them a safe passage for the exit. The three masked men were
actually militants. During the journey, all the persons including Aftab caught in the web of the Army. But they
managed to escape themselves and Aftab found an AK 47 riffle, firstly he was confused what to do with
that rifle. But ultimately he narrates the whole episode to his friend Kamal and his parents. However
they went to the nearest RR Army Camp to hand over the rifle but unfortunately, he was allegedly
labeled as a militant and was captured instantly. Aftabs father who was a tailor master by profession
approached the CO (Nawab Singh) of the camp and trying to prove the innocence of Aftab, which Nawab
Singh accepted.
Nawab Singh was moved by the innocence, honesty, and brilliance of Aftab, he then helped Aftab to
get an admission in the military engineering college in Pune. Komal now a migrated individual in Pune
helped her friend Aftab morally and spiritually though they were not engaged in any romantic
relationship. Komal got a new friend in Pune namely Raj who was also a Kashmiri migrant there and his
father Kant Sahib was the principal of that Engineering College in which Aftab has got admission. Aftab
was also guided by senior students Mohinder and Pankaj. Aftab secured top position in the institute due
to his hard work and dedication. There was a health problem with Aftab right from his childhood and
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during college days he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, for which he underwent a brain surgery. He
recovered well from the operation, though Doctors advised him to be cautious from any type of stress
and shock.
Aftab patriotic person dreamed right to form his childhood to do something in life for the welfare
of common people. He got an admission in Baba Atomic Research Institute for a research on how to
dispose of atomic waste; thereby he invented an instrument which made the harmful atomic waste for
better disposal. For this invention of Aftab was nominated for national award. But the formula which
Aftab had discovered was not used in the practical field but was still in the documented form only. Aftab
was expected to disclose the mystery of the formula on the day of Award ceremony, Aftab invited all of
his friends in a party which he has decided on behalf of this occasion and all where present and enjoying
the party. During this Aftab received a phone call from his sister (Najma) and she narrated him about the
explosion which took place in Lal Chowk Srinagar in which Aftab lost his parents including his sister too.
When Aftab listened that he strained for a moment, his body trembled and finally he collapses and falls
on the ground and leaves this world. Then Raj gives a knock to Komal to present the inaugural ceremony
of the Aftab Research Institute which was opened for the honor of late Aftab.
Name of The Characters Role of The Characters
Aftab Lead Male Actor
Komal Lead Female Actress
Raj Male Co- Actor
Indu Female Co-Actor
Kalu Villain (Ramesh’s Brother-in-law)
Kamal Aftab’s Friend
GH Nabi Aftab’s Father
Fatima Aftab’s Mother
Najma Aftab’s Sister
Bansi Lal Komal’s Father
Rajini Komal’s Mother
Bunty Komal’s Brother
Ramesh Komal’s Uncle
Radha Komal’s Aunty
Prem Singh Aftab’s Neighbor
Nawab Singh Commanding Officer (RR.)
Gansham Soldier (RR)
Kant Sahib Principal
Pankaj Aftab’s Friend
Mohinder Aftab’s Friend
Sonu Aftab’s Roommate
Mahesh Aftab’s Roommate
Tsering Dorji Senior Scientist
Deshmukh Assistant of Tsering Dorji
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