Marne Ki Kala
Art of Dyeing
Written By V. H. Patel
Those who wish to commit suicide, are not really wish to
die. But due to critical position in life, they are excited and wish to
die and get rid of troubles and be happy. In this story such peoples
are invited for accepting death in peaceful way then they are kept on
waiting for sometime for the purpose they come. After some days
most of all people change the idea of dyeing. This is seen in comedy
way. During the waiting period all wishes of people willing to die are
satisfied in the hospital. Now people don’t want to leave the hospital
or die.
In the story, govt. failed after 75 years of development
programs mainly due to over population. Govt. permits to public to
die who don’t want to live. Hero of the story Dr. Death named Vikas
Kumar set a hospital. He keeps a board those who want to die are
welcome in the hospital. There is reception where beautiful smiling
girl is sitting. Consulting room is there where Dr. Death is sitting. He
gives menu of the ways of dyeing for selection, such as by pistol,
hanging way, under water way, Jumps from high buildings, electric
current, bottle with poison injections etc. The prices for the ways
given in the menu after selection of way, Dr. Death asks customer the
reasons of wishing to die, Judging the reason of dying, Dr. Death
keep them for waiting for firstly one day then day after day, Dr. gives
the reasons for more public in line for the selected way and having
only one burning guard.
In hospital Dr. Death gives assurance to public not to
declare his name any way. Then assures client and says that believe
that you are dead now. So don not take any tension. But you satisfy
your wishes before your death.
In hospital, there is Club House, all type of indoor &
outdoor games are there. There is swimming pool, Cinema thereafter
more popular thing is Dancing hall where public of all age and sex
are dancing with music. Disneyland enjoyment is also there. Beer bar
with girls also available. No time table or restriction are there. So in
waiting period, public of all ages get enjoyed very much. They forgot
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about dyeing. Then they asked for decision when they refuse for
dyeing, they are given two options one : return to home, such
people are explained that in real suicide is not real death as soul
with sorroness will live after suicide. But real way is to give up
Ego not bothering about situation as it is created by God and you
are only puppet of the God.
In second way : people wishing to live in hospital,
requested to pay the charge & stay, or do the work in hospital.
College girls and boys in failure of love come to suicide.
Persons failed in business and being bankrupt come, old persons
getting no interest and respect in life with family comes. Farmers
under tension of debt also come.
In the story different characters are shown in comedy
way. Now they forget about suicide and get mentally happy. Old men
also seeing enjoying games, bars with young girls in comedy way, in
Dr. Death hospital. Persons who return to home with pleasure on
faces, thanks to Dr. Death and many people who are rich give huge
funds for the hospital. Dr. Death satisfied himself by doing the
service of society by this way the service not for money but for
happiness of public.
– End –
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