Prem Deta Hai
Love Gives Only
Written By V. H. Patel (Regd. No. 38827 with SWA)

Real meaning of Love is to see the beloved persons
happy, by giving love without any expectation. In society people
become unhappy expecting love or something from others. But real
lover becomes happy by giving love. Money, property etc. to other In
the story, characters become happy by the way “Love gives only”
Dhanichand Sheth has a young daughter Rinku.
Dhanichand suggests Rinku for marriage. Rinku tells about her love
with Chintu. Due to love Dhanichand gives permission to do
marriage with Chintu, But advice that it will be better to marry in our
cast and society. Rinku due to love with father married with Bipin in
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and society. Chintu being angry, blackmail Rinku with some photos.
At last Rinku told Bipin about this. Bipin supports Rinku
requesting not to bother. Chintu goes to a Ashram of Swami
Premanand for his solution. Premanand explains it is you mistake
that your expect form lover. Do only love and give only. Then
Chintu asks Rinku to forgive and tell if any work. Chintu then
passing IAS exam and become Collector and helps Rinku in some
Two friends Vadilal and Dhiraj live together at hostel and
finished studies. Both had interview in a well reputed company, but
only one can get job Vadilal goes to Premanand and request to have
a job. Baba says him the way of love that gives. Vadilal give up for
Dhiraj. Dhiraj having job supports economically to Vadilal. Vadilal
passes exam of I.A.S. and becomes Collector. He supports Vadilal to
many works now. Vadilal during his duty, does not do corruption, but
assist poor public with power in many ways.
In a village there is population of Hindu and Muslims
about equally. Both casts fight for common land of village. Muslims
wish to build Masjid, while Hindu wanted for Temple. In pas there
were riots in village, so nobody was ready to give up for others.
Hindus visited Swami Premanand and told about the matter and
requested to suggest the way. Premanad pursuited them to allow
Muslims to build a Masjid, telling that your love should not be so
poor that can’t give to other. All agreed to do so. Muslims visited a
Fakir in a Cottage. Fakir explained Muslims that real love becomes
happy seeing other people happy, so give up for Hindus. Now both
offered land for other. Now both were firm to give land to other, so
problem once more remained.
Once again both parties consulted Premand and Fakir
and told situation. Premanand and Fakir suggested to build a garden,
school and small hospital for public. Both parties agreed happily.
Proposal sent to Minister and passed by Government. In a short time
there was a hospital, garden and school. There was a real love in the
Love that gives only….
– End –
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