Raja Rampur kaa

                                                                                              RAJA RAMPUR KAA

Raja is a son of a tuition teacher who found him in the garbage. Raja hates people who sexually harass girls and women. He attacked a boy with a brick whom his father was teaching when he passed disturbing comments to a girl Prernaa when he was only 14 years old. He slapped and kicked many boys to teach them to respect women. He fell in love with Prernaa after some time. Prernaa told him to not to fight again and believe in justice  Soon came a criminal in his town who raped and later killed a on complaining. Raja wanted justice for the girl as well as he wanted to avenge his friend whom that criminal killed in the hospital. He was very close on catching but he failed all the time because no policeman will help him. After being told by Prernaa he went to vaishanav devi to pray where he met a soldier who told him about how he lost his both legs. When Raja returned he found a hint for catching that criminal and then after a lot of fight he was able to catch that criminal and also he rescued a minor girl from the hands of that criminal who told the girl everything. Raja also helped that soldier in taking his revenge. Raja then got a law degree from a respected college.                                                                              

                                   The end                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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