Two Different Faces

This is a story of a person named Amar Singh Kohli, who lived with his Daughter Arohi in a small town in Lansdowne at Uttrakhand . His is I’ll and he has kept her in a isolated pace near his house. He looks after her very well.He ocationally goes to govt hospital to get her medicines.One day he finds that a New doctor is in town.Dr Anand.He gets transfered from Delhi.One day he sees that isolated house and goes there to find out that a girl is in side the house. Now Dr is busy in his work at hospital and forget about the girl. Again one day he meets her father who had come to take medicine for her. Dr says he wants to see the patient but the father says he will bring her next time. Again one day he suddenly see that house and goes near the house but is stopped by her father. Her father tell him about the girl. How she was a topper in class and how see became ill. Doctor promise her father he will try to help him in recovery. As the doctor is researching about her illness he finds that she is suffering from medicine reaction she had taken long back and that reaction is what is causing the problem in her behavior. Her father wants to know the reason but the doctor is not sure about his theory of medicine reaction. He tells her father that he can’t help her and father wants to know if doctor had found any thing what is wrong about her.

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