Hell Shortcut

Hell shortcut

Horror, thriller


One wrong move takes all the friends to hell, where all dies


This is based on lie and shortcut. When six friends made plan to goa after their exams over. Lie which told by Mahi to her father because of thier strict behaviour. They never allow mahi for such permission for anything. And the shortcut which all friends takes to avoid police checking because of not having driving licence. Decides to Choose a shortcut which takes them to hell. To a Haunted abandoned hotel. Where all dies one by one.

It all start with after the final exam over. Rahul with his two friends Nick and Sameer sitting in cafeteria. Later their class fellow Mahi, Jiya and Shilpa appear. Rahul tells them about the Goa’s plan. Mahi get depressed because her father never give her such privacy. Because of their strict behavior she can’t even talk to them. Her friend suggested her that tell lie to your father. Tell them college staff taking us to religious places.

At the night time mahi talked with their friends on phonecall. Friends encouraged her to talk at once. If they didn’t agree then we will talk to them. Mahi tried to talk to her father(Raghu Das) at dinner time but don’t understand how to start and decided to take help from her mother(Sushmita Das).

Before sushmita goes to the bed mahi grabs her hand and takes her to kitchen. And tells everything about the Goa’s plan. Tells everything about how to convince father, telling a lie. First Sushmita disaggreed with her about telling lie because she knows if we get caught they will get angry. Mahi requested, i never asked ever before for anything but if i want something now you can’t support me. Sushmita agreed to help her.

Next day sushmita talked to raghu about mahi free time. Collage staff taking them to religious places. All her friends are going. Raghu agreed that, let her go. Mahi comes out of her room with big relief and tells to mom that jiya’s mother wanted to meet you in front of her father. You can drop me there. We can manage to college together. Mahi asked her dad knowingly why don’t you come with us. Raghu disagreed and leaves to office.

Mahi and Sushmita went to jiya’s home next day and talked about how they lied to raghu. In between the conversation Sushmita received a phonecall and leaves. Before she leaves Sushmita said to mahi. Come back home soon. Don’t go outside alone. Don’t do anything stupid. Call me every single day. Enjoy your trip.

Rahul comes to jiya’s home. Mahi and jiya sit in the car and meet the new member who joined them. Rhea Sharma, Rahul’s cousion. Rhea is not friendly kind of person. All leaves and says final good bye to them. Because it’s their final journey of their lives. All looks so happy playing music but after sometime their happyness shattered.

Rahul stops his car at the side of the highway because police checking is going on. They get scared because nobody having a driving licence. They thought if they get caught, they get fined and their trip shattered immediately. Sameer convinced all of them to choose another way from forest to other highway. He confidently says there’s definitely another way to skip the police checking.

Rahul turns back his car and found the way to enter the forest. After sometime they finally get into the highway. All took the deep breath. Shilpa checked the google map and it’s showing that you are going the right direction. It’s directly connected to goa. But rahul doubt that i never heard about that highway ever before. Highway is dark and empty. No sign of any other vehicles. Only trees, No fuel pump station, no houses, no motels. They all lost their phone network later.

Shilpa keep looking outside and realised that something is not right about this highway. Didn’t saw any other vehicle. Road is almost straight asked the Sameer are we going to the right direction cause didn’t notice any other sign of human and animal. Rahul says the same thing i got a wierd feeling as well. I didn’t hit a brake single time. No traffic nothing on the road. Soon we will figure it out where it takes us.

All getting start worried about, niether there’s a network. Shilpa blames to Sameer it’s all because of you. We don’t even have any idea where are we going. Rahul says i got a bad news. We are getting out of fuel. I don’t understand i filled the tank full. This is not suppose to be happening. It doesn’t make any sense. Stop blaming and keep looking outside we need fuel to keep going. If see anything tell me.

All of their tension going to the higher level but didn’t find any fuel station yet. Rahul driving fast but suddenly something hit the car windshield. Rahul loses control and hit the brake hard. All Comes outside and looked at the windshield, it got cracked and there’s a blood on it. They didn’t find anybody whom they hit. While not having a network shilpa received a phonecall. All get scared. They all tried to escape but engine failed. Suddenly weather goes worse. All heard the gate cracking with wind.

All are moving towards from where gate is making noise. They see there a hotel, decided to go inside but it’s been abandoned. Nobody lives there. Door was already opened. It’s dark from inside and turned on their phone’s flashlights. There’s a stairs front of the enterence and upstairs rooms. Found the bathroom completely messed. After sometime they come out the hotel to gather some woods to heat up the hotel. Nobody noticed that there’s a little girl watching them from window.

Mahi went to the bathroom but wierd thing happened there. Little girl tried to make contact through mirror. In mirror mahi reflection didn’t moved it remain still. Mahi didn’t notice that and walk out of the bathroom. Reflection gives a creepy smile. Sameer found the lantern and burn it. It supports at least sometime. And went out to check the rooms. He found the store room and enter but lantern start blinking. He checked and looked up there’s a girl standing front of him. He get scared and falls on the ground. All friends rush to him but nobody found any girl in there.

After coming back to room they heard a walking steps and get scared realised that they are not alone. Door get closed. When they managed to open it comes out seeing their future imagination. Hotel is full of staff and their parents standing there and crying. Police carrying their children’s dead body. All friends don’t understand what is happening we are still alive. Sameer notice the same little girl saw in storeroom and all followed her. When they enter the room girl shot herself. Realised that this place is not good. We need to get out of here.

They all rush to the exit door but it get locked. Imagination disappeared mahi get possessed by the little girl and walk towards the bathroom get locked. All Friends start looking for her. Mahi get unpossessed and voice coming from mirror. Mahi face herself possessed in mirror. She got attacked by possessed mahi but managed to break the contact. Evil mahi scream and Mirror breaks big part hit the mahi’s neck and it got seperated from her neck. Her body falls. Friends breaks the door and found mahi headless.

After losing mahi its a big shock to everyone. Nick went to kitchen with rahul cause they heard some noise. But when they enter lantern start losing fire. Rahul went back to room to get a phone. But in meanwhile nick got attacked by the little girl. Within 10 minutes loses second friend. All looks depressed.

Jiya was sleeping in Rahul’s arms. All friends falls asleep. Fake rhea comes to jiya and awakes her to come with me. Fake rhea takes jiya to the storeroom and get locked. Girl scared her and climb the wall backward. Jiya scream hard. Blood comes out of the walls she get covered with it. Electric wires comes down and get electrocute.

Things are getting worst nobody understand what to do. They all went to the girls room where she committed suicide. In almirah they found some of her medical report. Her name was Maria. She was mentally disturbed with brain disorders. Else they found nothing. It’s a trick or real they don’t understand because doctors name doesn’t mentioned it.

All walk out of the room to lobby area after hearing a voice. All get scared seeing mahi is floating in the air, covered with blood and holding her head. Rahul got attacked threw him upon the glass table. Shilpa tried to stop her calling her name but got attacked as well. Rahul hit her with wood but loses her life as well. Rod comes of nowhere and put through his chest.

Rhea got the plan said we got no choice it’s do or die. We burn this entire hotel to ground. There’s a gas cylinder in the kitchen. And need some fuel. Electric generator is in the basement. Fuel will help us to burn this before she come back.

All three went to basement but it’s flooded. But they got no choice to take out the fuel from generator somehow. Sameer start cutting pipe. Rhea and Shilpa looking around so they can find something useful. Shilpa found axe. Sameer managed to take out fuel successfully. But when turned around got attacked by possessed jiya. Takes him under the water. Shilpa tried to hit her with axe but useless. Electric wires falls in the water before they get electrocute rhea and Shilpa ran out of the water but Sameer loses.

Rhea start sprinkle fuel to each and every single corner. Maria attacked her aired her from stairs to lobby. Attacked Shilpa as well. Rhea get’s up and start threating her i will burn this place just put her down. After the release rhea burn the hotel and run towards the kitchen.

Shilpa breaks the window using axe. Attempts to escape but tree piece comes of nowhere and goes through the Shilpa’s mouth. She got hanged. Maria dragged rhea to the room. Rhea felt unconsciousness. After awake she breaks the burnt door with kick. Comes out and see fire is everywhere. But she got treat maria opened the exit door for her. Without wasting time rhea attempts to escape. She stopped and looked at the gas cylinder. She opened the gas nob. And ran out of the hotel.

Before she get to the main gate hotel explodes. She falls and got injured badly. Managed to somehow gets up. But it’s not over yet. Maria still thirsty. Rhea see Maria standing in the fire and dragged herself towards the car. Engine started and turned the car to the opposite direction. Maria bounced the car. Rhea almost loses her energy. Can’t even run got stucked in the car. Fuel comes out and car get explode. All seven friends loses life one by one. One wrong move caused their lives.

Gagan Deep Singh

SWA – 40313

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