How It Works

Hello filmmakers, Welcome to Film Scripts Bank, a filmilog initiative. Now merge in filmilog platform

As a filmmaker, you always thirsty for the good script. You meet so many writers before starting the new film to get the perfect story. This is very time taking and expensive process. A good script is the backbone of the movie. When a good script comes in the good hands then only good cinema comes in the light. Here good filmmakers meet good writers.

You know that which genre you like most, which language you want to make the movie and most important what is your budget. Now it’s very easy for you to read the synopsis, which is genre and language wise categories. Also as per your convenient as everything is online and transparent. And of course, you got many choices to keep your budget tight. You just read, finalize the script and get the rights. That’s it.

If you have different taste then we arrange a writing contest. You get the tailor made script as per your norms and conditions.  This will give you a script of your choice and within your budget.

Members will also get the article, tutorials, and video to enhance or learn the skill of filmmaking. This will update you to the industry standard as these uploads regularly.

Film Scripts Bank is a free membership platform. You are not paying a single paisa until you finalize the script for your next film. You only pay the money when you get rights.

We also provide filmmaking services.