How It Works

Hello Writers,
Welcome to Film Scripts Bank, a filmilog initiative.

As a writer, you always work hard to create a great story. You spend months or sometimes years to complete a good script. After this, again your hands are empty because you need someone who makes a movie on your screenplay. If you are lucky then sometimes you get the producer but mostly you are searching the person to sell your script. And In the end either you forget about selling the script or you got very little money compared to your dedication and hard work you put into creating your script.

Writers are the backbone of the film industry. Every film starts with a story. Without the script, nobody is able to make a film. So, there is a need for writers to filmmakers and you need the filmmaker to sell the script. Every writer is not able to reach the producers due to distance or other reasons. So, many good scripts not seen the light of cinema.

Keep this scenario in mind, we start FILM SCRIPTS BANK. This is a free membership platform and only members upload synopsis or song. Here you upload the synopsis of your scripts. Producers, filmmakers read that and contact to get the right to make a movie on it. That will work online and offline as we also contact the filmmakers to sell the script. Once you upload the synopsis/song, that will remain online until we sell it.

Members will also get the article, tutorials, and video to enhance or learn the skill of writing. This will update you to the industry standard. We are in the process to start a monthly contest for the writers.

All of these benefits are free, you only pay when we sell your script. Check Payment and Charges here. We charge 25% of the selling price after we sell it. So, initially, you do not bother to pay any amount for starting the work for you. We always consult with you before finalizing the deal regarding price and other things.

So, don’t wait. Start writing, upload synopsis/song, and get ready to sell the script.

Happy Writing!!


  • We do not guarantee sales every script.
  • This is advisable, not mandatory that you first register your script/synopsis/song before uploading with the writer association.