A unique story of love, friendship and a view of the world from different perspectives,The story explores the connections people make in the face of life’s changes. As its characters face love, death and their own preconceptions,the story questions the realities of life.

DIVYA and YASH were childhood best friends; they lost touch long time ago.
She is back in their hometown as she has decided to get engaged with her boyfriend so as to settle down and avoid misconceptions and fall away of their relationship.

Yash is a vagabond street performer(magician).when he get to know that she is back home,he also decided to move there.
While his journey back home, at a dhaba he was showing off his magician tricks and entertaining a school group who were on a trip and hoping for a hitchhike back home.suddenly an accident occurs as one of the children removed the hand barke of the bus and it collided with the car parked just ahead. Police reached at sorted out the matter as the bus was damaged and needs repairing he asked the policemen to give him a lift. The lady inspector agrees to give him lift..
Yash tells them the story of how he fell in love with divya and how she was with him when his parents died in an accident when he was 12 year old.upon arrival he vists his aunt who belives yash has mental problems because of the death of his parents and yash’s obsession with divya.
Yash then stays at his childhood friend YASER,telling him he is going to announce his love for Divya to her tomorrow.

Divya’s boyfriend ARJUN reached her hometown and staying at the local hotel.

Yash finally speaks to Divya,and they spend the day togther reminiscing on time passed. She tells Yash that she is getting engaged. Yash then discloses that he has been following her everywhere for years, but does not get the chance to explain his love for her, as she is distressed at his stalking behavior.she asks him to promise that he will stop following her.Yash agreed to, heartbroken, leaves town.

It is revealed that Divya’s boyfriend mudered a girl with whom he has an affair as she was threatening him to expose his fake relationship which was nothing but carrier greedeness and also she often fights with Divya and but last time she threatens her to death.
Divya was not aware of this.when her boyfriend finds out that Yash has been following Divya, he called the local police and claims it is Yash who committed the killing.

Yash decided to hitchhike away from his hometown.on his way he was arrested by the highway patrol and taken to the jail.his aunt bails him and drops him to the bus station and ask him to forget Divya and live his rest life responsibly.
While waiting for the bus to arrive, a police van stopped by his side and the lady inspector walked out and asked why he killed that innocent girl.Yash replied that the day she was killed, he was on the journey back his hometown.
The inspector was curious to know what acutally happened. She tells yash to leave that palce but started investigation by herself and find out the killer who was non other than Divya’s boyfriend.
She collected all the evidences and arreseted Arjun.
Divya was shocked by the incident happend and went to Yaser and asks him to tell Yash that she is sorry for what she said to him and what had happened.

Somewhere inside Divya’s heart, feeling for Yash starts developing and she decided that she will find him out and purpose him.

Finally she leaves to the city where he is now to look for him
Finding him peeforming at a park.
He goes to him, he asks her- Are you following me ?
The both laughed and hug each other.

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