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Synopsis Emilia, Story of a Trafficked Poetess Based on the Novel written by me was published globally in Feb 2018. Author: Richard Script Length : 120 pages Log Line : The journey of a trafficked child Jaya becoming the poetess Emilia. The Movie starts with Peter receiving a parcel from Emilia Mukherjee, the lady who …

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Synopsis Goblets Prime Locations: USA, India and London. Genre: Romance/Drama Script Length: 120 pages Log line: When destiny brings Professor the moments that he desires to live for decades at the very doorstep of his death. Characters and their roles : Professor Peter William Fernandez(Protagonist) , Barrister Amineh Jamsheed (Female Protagonist),George Lazarus ( Professor’s loving …

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kis ki galti

Kis Ki Galti One Liner Name of the Film Script: Kis Ki Galti. Language Medium: English. Time Duration: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes. Aftab and Komal are the main characters in the story. The play unfolds when Komal is seen inaugurating an institute namely “Aftab research institute” At the ceremony, Komal gets deep to her …

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