The Mount Sinai

The Mount Sinai (Mythological Fiction by K.Alamgeer)
This script of the historical backdrop contains a series of events that took place at his time between a powerfull king, Pharaoh the Great of ancient Egypt; the builder of great Pyramids and great city Ramesses, and Moses, a great prophet of its time.
Pharaoh became so powerful at the time, instate his divine powers along with the dreaded army of Anubis with the face of the dreaded Black Jacals, and King Ahmos’ celestial Army, then he claimed to be his own god. And issued the decree in Egypt!
“I am your only greatest God”.
With the help of Vizier Haman and Amun; the great priest of temples, Pharaoh managed to achieve “Book of Dead” from Queen Hatsepsut’s Temple. With the help of this “Book of Dead”, godess Isis did to restore the dead body of her husband, god Osiris, thousands of years ago. The deity was achieved from the divine god Ra, once in a time while god Osiris’s wicked brother Seth by a conspiracy imprisoned and locked Osiris in a solid gold coffin and threw it into the River Nile. Then Isis with the help of her sister Nephthys who was Seth’s wife also, with divine powers, they both managed to took the heavy solid gold coffin out of the Mediterranean Sea and restored the dead body of Osiris inside a far-flung shrine at Abydos. When Isis begins to read the middle canto from Book of Dead, Naphthys hand’s opens up like the golden wings of a bird then Osiris opens up his eyes.
Here Isis on mating with god Osiris in a secrate chamber of shrine and gave birth to a great son; Horus. When Horus grew up, Osiris trained Horus in far-flung. Then Horus challenged Seth in the battlefield. After a long furius battle Horus occupied the throne of Egypt, holding the double crown of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.
The Israelites who settled in Egypt during the time of Prophet Joseph and when his twelves tribes began to flourish in Egypt and grew in population, then they refused to accept Pharaoh as their Lord. Pharaoh on basis of their divine powers, held them into slavery and pushed them into their collective construction projects. They were driven to carry heavy stones from the mountains to built Pyramids.
After saw a dream regarding ruin of his kingdom by a child from Israelities, Pharaoh ordered in Egypt to slaughter the every newly born male child.
Meanwhile, Moses has born in Bani Israel (Israelites), the mother puts Moses in a wooden chest and drew in the river Nile in fear of Pharaoh. The box flows out of the palace of Pharaoh. There Pharaoh Queen; Isetnofret spring out the chest from the river Nile, and named the child as Moses. She asked Pharaoh, “Why don’t we make it our son, don’t wonder that he will benefit us by growing up”.
When Moses grown up, one day a man came up running from the tip of the city and said to Moses –
“O Moses! Have you some infromation that plans are being made of your murder?” And if you have to do something then get out quickly from Egypt or else you will be killed.”
Moses took the way to deep forest and reached Madaian.
There he grazed the goat reed of an old prophet Soaib for ten years. Prophet Soaib awarded a stange Asa (Stick) to Moses and instruct that it will help him in any strange situations. During this period of grazed the goat reed, Moses awarded signs from God at the Mount Sinai, and dictated,
“O Moses take our two signs to Pharaoh; he is becoming big disobedient, talk softly, maybe he understand and may became firm”
Moses came back to Egypt with their Signs awarded. Vizier Haman, given an idea to Pharaoh for murder of Moses. But they remained unable to control over Moses, because of his Asa (Stick). Which when he put it on the ground, it turns into a dreadly Ajdhah (Python), with no match.
Haman advised Pharaoh to summon expert sorcerers from whole Egypt to defeat Moses by heavy magic. On the day of festival, a crowd gathered and the field was filled with thousands of magicians with their furnishings.
So the magicians made a huge magic that the spectators shouted in astonishment and shocked. So Moses also put his Asa (Stick) that turns into a big creepy Ajdhah and swallows all the sorcerers items present there, along with the boulders of the palace. When it turns towards Pharaoh, he shouted in horror
“O Moses! Stop this wrecking”
There was also a person in Egypt during this era, named Karoon, a master of Alchemy, who had acquired many strange ailments, engaged in providing in a huge quantity of gold to use in construction projects in Egypt. With these strange ailments, he had piled up the gold in Egypt. That’s why this kindom of Pharaoh was also known as “the Golden Empire”
Even after all this, Pharaoh remains rigid and he persecutes the Israelites. Moses then orders Israelites, one night, to leave Egypt. When the Israelites flee, unawares they reached the bank of Red Sea, they shouted “O Moses! We are surrounded”
Moses raise his Asa, hit the water of Red Sea, in a very surprising way with a huge thunder, the water of the Red Sea gathered vertical both sides and Twelve dry and broad paths had made visible in the mid of sea.
Pharaoh also arrived at bank, pursuing Moses along with his great army equipped with the divine weapons, saw twelve dry paths in the middle if sea and shocked. Coming under the provocation of Vizier Haman, they land his chariot on these strange paths, including entire Army, while in the middle of the way, mountains of sea water fall upon them.
The water of the Red Sea, which had gathered for one purpose, that work is done. Pharaoh, Haman and all his divine Army were drowned and destroyed. In this way Pharaoh has been stayed as a sign for the next generations.

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